How to germinate Green Milkweed/ Spider Milkweed from seed.

Asclepias viridis

Information about this species: 

These specific instructions are for seeds sold only by Lupine Gardens, LLC 

There are many places to buy seeds, however, we know where ours come from and exactly how they are harvested and therefore our seed instructions are the same way we grow every plant at the nursery.

Because of how and when we collect these seeds, they need no extra treatment. They are ready to plant.

1. Simply moisten your soil so it is damp, but not drenched.  Lay 2 seeds in each cell to maximize your growing space. (You can divide them as they get their true leaves)

2. Press down lightly on the seeds so they get good soil contact.

3. Do not cover the seeds as they germinate faster when exposed to sunlight.

4. Put the tray in a room that gets very good sunlight and use a heatmat if necessary to reach the proper soil temperature for germination.

5. Lightly mist over the seeds daily to ensure they are soaking up enough moisture to reach the embryo to begin the germination process. Soil must remain moist.

6. Make sure you have a fan creating airflow across the tray as soon as your seedlings start to sprout. This will stave off fungal issues and make stronger seedlings. 

Soil requirements: Medium soil with good drainage (We specifically use Pro-Mix  for best results on root development.)

pH: 6.0-7.0

Soil needs to be kept moistened daily for 6 weeks until time for transplant

Soil temp: 75-80 degrees (You can use a heat mat to replicate these temps)

Germination time: 15-21 days

TIP: Using a deep cell for the seeds will promote better root growth and healthier plants.

Method Written by:

Matthew Swank

Lead Biologist & Owner, Lupine Gardens, LLC