Artificial ColdMoist Stratification Germination Method

Best time of year for ultraviloet intensity for this project: Late May to Early June (Temperatures remain reasonable and light intensity is good to keep plants strong and happy. Plan your stratification period 30 days prior to this time period.

Artificial cold moist stratification

1. Put the desired amount of seeds you want to grow into a disposable deli container with 1-2" of tap or distilled water.

2. Put the lid on and mark the species and date on the lid.

3. Put the container into your refrigerator for # of days marked on the package of seeds.

4. After the # of days of cold moist stratification take the container out of the fridge and pour the water and seeds into a small strainer.

5. Put the seeds onto a towel or paper towel for handling purposes.

6. Take individual seeds and place them on top of moist potting mix either in containers or in a garden bed. Don't cover the seeds, lightly pressing them against the soil for contact provides a higher germination success rate.

Outdoor temperatures should be in the mid 70's to 80's during the day for best results.

7. Place the containers outdoors where they will receive natural sunlight and rainfall. Keep the soil moist for 6 weeks. After this time period your plants are ready to transplant or are established in the ground and will no longer need watering. 

8. If transplanting, the transplants will need to be watered an additional 2 weeks before they will be able to sustain themselves. 

9. Do not use fertelizer on native plants, it can ultimately stunt the growth of the root systems and even cause damage. Outdoor soil has natural bacteria that feed your root systems naturally.

10. Enjoy your new plants!


Written by: Matthew Swank, Owner, Ecologist, Biologist, Lupine Gardens, LLC