Family owned chemical free native plant nursery in Amery, WI

We began our chemical free nursery back in 2015. We realized that the world needed more places to learn about nature and help restore our natural ecosystems. Native plants are the link to that restorative process.

I studied soil science & ecology through the years and found the amazing impact that native plants have on their environment. You can literally bring a yard back to life!

Through the years I developed specific methods on seed harvesting and increasing plant adaptation throughout their native range across the country.

We don't sell cheap seeds sourced from other countries grown in conditions that are nothing like ours. If cheap is what you're looking for, we're not your place. We sell the highest quality seeds that are guaranteed to grow or your money back.

We teach you how to grow our seed just as we do here at the nursery. Why? Because we want nothing but success for you when you're growing. More plants = a better planet.

We harvest our seeds from our wild populations and our nursery area. By hand. Each team member is trained to know the difference between good viable seed and non-viable seed. We only send out the seed with the highest possible viability. No fluff or filler.

We are now a national leader in native plants & seeds. The journey was not easy, but we've climbed the hill hoping to make a huge impact on the planet. My passion for these plants grows every single day.

We're not a discount store or a bargain lot. We're the real deal. The best of the best. We stand behind our products and make sure our customers get what they paid for. If ever there is a problem during transit, or the unexpected happens, we cover it, free of charge. All we ask from time to time is a few pictures for insurance purposes.

We work much of the summer with the US government doing restoration work to create better habitat for insects and wildlife. Every purchase on our site (All seeds, plants and food products) we donate a percentage into our Habitat Restoration Fund and use it for these projects throughout the year.

Chemical free is a must!
Every time you buy a plant that has been treated with a systemic pesticide, that plant will kill every insect that lands on it for a minimum of 1-8 months. Imagine the amount of insects that can destroy in one season.

76% of our insect population has been depleted in the last 3 decades.
If this continues at a rate of 6% per year, that doesn't leave us much time to repair our damages to the native landscape.

Native plants sustain all of our insect and wildlife population.
Native plants clean our air more efficiently.
Native plants clean our waterways more efficiently.
Natives have adapted to our soil over thousands of years and therefore are more hardy than non-native species.
Most non-native plants serve very little purpose to our local ecosystem.

Don't ask why plant native. Ask why not?

Thank you for taking a look at our company!
Warmest regards,
Matthew Swank
Owner, Lupine Gardens, LLC

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