Family owned chemical free native plant nursery, bulk seed supplier & food product distributor in Amery, WI Lupinegardens.com

We are an approved seed vendor of MonarchWatch and the Xerces society.

Our seeds are hand harvested by our team and are highly viable.

We began our chemical free nursery back in 2015. We realized that the world needed more places to learn about nature and help restore our natural ecosystems. Native plants are the link to that restorative process.
We strive to bring healthy seeds and plants to the marketplace to ensure we are keeping our habitats growing across the country. Help us give the land back to our pollinators and other insects to restore the balance once again.

Chemical free is a must!
Every time you buy a plant that has been treated with a systemic pesticide, that plant will kill every insect that lands on it for a minimum of 1-8 months. Imagine the amount of insects that can destroy in one season.
76% of our insect population has been depleted in the last 3 decades.
If this continues at a rate of 6% per year, that doesn't leave us much time to repair our damages to the native landscape.

Native plants sustain all of our insect and wildlife population.
Native plants clean our air more efficiently.
Native plants clean our waterways more efficiently.
Natives have adapted to our soil over thousands of years and therefore are more hardy than non-native species.
Most non-native plants serve very little purpose to our local ecosystem.

Don't ask why plant native. Ask why not?


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